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In the event that you suffer a loss you should notify the insured/policyholder or their managing agent who will advise you how to lodge your claim.
You should however:
  • take all reasonable steps to minimise the loss
  • take all reasonable steps to prevent a loss spreading
  • notify the claim promptly
  • advise the appropriate authorities in the event of a loss or damage (e.g. police)
  • not hinder the insurer in the claims investigation process and assist them at all times
  • not carry out any repair work without the express consent of the insurer unless you are doing so to prevent further loss.

Failure to comply with the above may render the claim invalid

When reporting a claim you should have available the following information:
  • the correct policy number
  • the name of the insured/policyholder NOT the leaseholder or tenant
  • your relationship to the policyholder (i.e. lessee)
  • the full risk address at which the incident occurred
  • the date of the incident
  • as full a description of what has occurred as possible, including what has been lost/damaged
  • a contact name and telephone number of a person in authority
  • information about any estimates/invoices that may already have been obtained
  • whether there are any warranties or other insurances attached to the claim
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