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Unique Benefits
The following benefits are exclusively available to Heritage Flats

Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 Extension
Provides for the costs of meeting conditions made by your local authority under this legislation, or its equivalent in Scotland and Northern Ireland, after an insured event. The requirements of the planning authorities cannot be predicted with certainty and, as a result, extra costs could be incurred. This extension will cover additional costs incurred up to an additional 20% of the Buildings sum insured.

Archaeological costs
Covers archaeological costs that may follow an insured event; e.g. analysis by the conservation bodies of the original fabric of the building, should it become exposed by the damage. Costs must be necessarily and reasonably incurred by part of the repair, with underwriters’ consent up to £250,000 any one claim. Exclusions apply to the analysis of undamaged portions and any below the ground excavations.

Monuments, memorials and statues in the grounds
Cover for up to £15,000 any one claim


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