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freeholder protection
As specialists in the property owners market we are able to advise freeholders in respect of their insurance obligations as lessors and in protecting their assets. Ultimately the failure to correctly insure these assets can have costly implications to the freeholder who is normally contractually responsible to settle any shortfall or face the payment of penalties to lessees.

Our experienced staff can offer the appropriate insurance programme to reflect your business, operational needs and risk exposures. We will provide cover to protect your assets and liabilities tailored to your business for commercial and/or residential properties in UK and Europe (EU). Basic covers will normally include:

Damage to Properties - All risks with Subsidence and Terrorism for loss or damage of your buildings, landlords fixtures and fittings, walls, gates, fences plus Professional fees, removal of debris and more…
Loss of Rent - cover against loss of rent receivable and or payable should your premises be unoccupied following insured loss or damage to your property.
Property Owners Liability - protection against claims made by the public or other businesses for death, injury or damage to property brought about as a result of your ownership, negligence or that of your employees.
Employers Liability - if your business employs any staff, including part-time staff or sub-contractors, you are required to have this cover by law.

Should you require them, we will also make available cover for:
  • Engineering and Inspection
  • Legal Expenses
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Contract Works
  • Latent Defects

Additional protection
We can also ensure your protection includes the following non standard covers:

  • Waiver of Average conditions
  • Non-invalidation Clause
  • Inadvertent Failure to Insure
  • Failure of Tenants Insurances
  • Trace and Access
  • Unoccupied Premises
  • Denial of Access or Failure of Utilities
  • Notifiable Infectious Diseases or Legionella
  • Privity of Contract
  • Seventy Two Hour Provision
  • Buildings Awaiting Sale
  • Cessor of Insurance premiums

This list is not exhaustive and our specialist team would be happy to advise the most appropriate insurance cover based upon your needs.

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